Richard “Dick” Chapin, (often affectionately known as the father of drip irrigation) founded Chapin Watermatics in 1960. The first product was a greenhouse watering system that metered out water to individual plants. Water was delivered through main tubes and carried to the plants by spaghetti-like smaller tubes. Chapin Watermatics incorporated in 1962 with Dick as the President and his wife, Ruth, as Vice President.   During the ‘60’s Dick was contacted by Norman Smith, an extension agent from Nassau County, New York, about the possibility of using plastic tubes to supply water for tropical melons. Dick hand punched some round tubing for the initial experiment at Old Westbury Gardens on Long Island. The experiment was successful and Dick was on his way to develop the first thin wall drip hose. A seam on the hose was sewn which allowed the water to seep out slowly at an exact location. The product was named “Dew Hose” which sold for several years.Dick continued to improve this product and eventually developed a dual-wall design which allows for use on long row lengths over rough terrain. Dick, who owns 25 patents, designed and patented Twin-Wall hose which became the industry standard. The “turbulent flow” design came next offering even greater uniformity of flow over long runs. Chapin drip tape, today, is a leading premium drip tape with the highest reputation for quality.   In March of 2006, Chapin Watermatics was purchased by Jain Americas USA.   Aquarius Brands, Inc. was founded in 1973 in Burbank, California under the name Agricultural Products, Inc. (“API”) The Company developed a better drip tube fitting that could be made to service the then fledgling drip irrigation polyethylene tubing industry.   The business began with six different fittings that accommodated the most commonly sized tubes used at the time. As drip irrigation became accepted nationally and internationally through the years, API added the sizes demanded by an expanding industry. Today, connecting polyethylene tubing via the compression fitting is a world-wide standard.   As the use of drip/low flow irrigation grew, so did the proficiency of system designers and installers, and their need for special fittings and accessories unique to this changing technology. Technicians in the field turned to API as these needs surfaced. The Company responded by developing such products as Tape Loc fittings for tapes, Spin Loc® fittings for thin wall drip tubing, the Spin Clean® filter line, extruded PVC and Polyethylene hose and micro-tubing in addition to a myriad of other specialty items.   In 1994, API was sold to Calnetics Corporation, and in 1997, Calnetics Corporation was acquired by Summa Industries, a public Company traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. In 2004, three major events occurred: (1) The Company’s name was changed from Agricultural Products, Inc to Aquarius Brands, Inc. (2) Ny-Glass Plastics, a custom injection molding business, was merged with Aquarius Brands.NyGlass Plastics was founded in 1957, and was part of Calnetics Corporation. In 1997, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Summa Industries. (3) Aquarius Brands acquired WadeRain/Pepco to expand its product offerings, gain a strong brand in the landscape irrigation business, and establish a strategic base of operations in the central valley of California.   In 2006, Summa Industries was acquired and taken private by Habasit of Switzerland, and changed its name to Habasit Holding USA, Inc.   In February 2007 Habasit Holding USA, Inc. sold Aquarius Brands, Inc. to Jain Holdings USA. In October 2007 Aquarius Brands changed it’s name to Jain Irrigation, Inc.   After nearly two years of Chapin Watermatics and Jain Irrigation, Inc. working closely together, the two companies were formally merged on 4/1/09 under the name Jain Irrigation, Inc. Today, we are a leader in the North American micro-irrigation market and part of a larger global family Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, a world leader in micro-irrigation.