Ecology is one branch of Science that includes several other topics such as human Science, the ecosystem, and organisms. An ecologist will try and achieve an improved version of life through various ways of careful attention to all organisms of the world. There are a few main types of ecology. Keep reading to find out more regarding the study of ecology and its types. 



The main types of ecology include the following. 


Global Ecology 

Global ecology is a concept regarding Earth’s interactions with the land, ecosystem, and oceans. It helps people who study it understand all of the large-scale interactions and how they impact the Earth. For example, the Earth’s ecosystems and its impacts on Earth with a large perspective are discussed in Global Ecology. 

Community Ecology

Community Ecology deals with the interactions between different living organisms made up of two or more species. It helps ecologists study and understands more about how living organisms like plants and animals co-exist. Community ecology will allow people to figure out modified interactions between the living organisms. 

Population Ecology 

Population ecology includes all factors such as the genetic composition, size, and other interactions within a population of an organism. How a certain species and its population is spread out geographically and where it chooses to reside. All of these factors are studied in Population Ecology. A study like this helps ecologists to make decisions regarding how an organism lives. 


As discussed, these are the main types of ecology that exist right now. It helps humans study and learns about their relationship with Earth and all other existing living organisms. It helps humans work towards the betterment of the planet and all of its living things. The more awareness that is brought by studying ecology is excellent for improving the environment in ecological ways. 

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