The world that surrounds us, such as all the breathing and nonliving things. These are some of the bordering circumstances where a living thing such as humans, animals, or plants live and evolve. The world includes all things like oxygen, greenery, weather, geographical structures, wind, ground, animals, and light.




Keep reading to find out some compelling notes about the world that will leave you mesmerized!

Did you know that cows are “destroying” our world?

Cows can release almost around 400 to 500 pounds of methane gas from burping or farting annually! These levels suggest that they are a whopping twenty times stronger than carbon dioxide gas.

A company from France convinced local farm workers to include grains such as flax seeds in their cow feed. Doing this resulted in almost 30% less methane gas released, which is great!

Our Planet Is Full Of Water

The planet is made up of 70% of water. This water has been passed throughout time and may have been used by extinct species like the dinosaurs! How cool is that!

Multiple trees get cut down for wood every single day to make paper napkins alone!

Sad but true, that many trees have been sacrificed to provide us with something as basic as toilet paper.

Plastic waste is responsible for killing an estimated 1 million animals under the ocean almost every new year!

Now that’s something to get worried about. That many living sea creatures are victims of plastic waste. Humans should take action against this and try to revert this process of wasting plastic. Otherwise, the planet could face extreme problems.

Ending thoughts

As discussed, these are some of the most compelling facts about ecology right now. They allow you to have a closer look at what goes on in the world. It is always good to know what is going around the world other than having basic everyday information.

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