The term ‘Ecology’ is commonly referred to as how the many organisms on Earth have developed relationships to not just one another. How these organisms interact, communicate and live in the presence of one another is truly a fascinating subject to learn about.

Moving further, in this article, we will take you through some of the many reasons why ecology is not just important but also deeply fascinating. 



Why Ecology Is becoming significant right now

Ecology is relevant now more than ever. 

Ecology is all around us. In the world we live in, there are numerous species of different plants, animals, and insects living in harmony with one another. With the ongoing neglect and current climate crisis, humanity stands to learn a thing or two from what ecology teaches us: the vital connections these species have built with one another. From a moral standpoint: the animal kingdom has much to offer us. 

The life cycles of all living things

The dependency that these species have on one another could only be described as captivating. Think back to the food chain. The sun provides for the plants, the plants provide for the herbivores, and the herbivores provide for the omnivores and the carnivores.

Furthermore, these are the “connections” that are all interlinked and are all dependent on one another. Moreover, this ‘balance’ has not only been maintained for millions of years, but it continues to flourish in the animal kingdom. 

Parting thoughts

As humans who live on this planet, we often forget that we are not alone. Humans share this planet with the other living beings that reside here, but we owe them respect and space for living. Additionally, with knowledge from the subject of Ecology, we may finally learn to appreciate the careful balance their species have maintained for years. 

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